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07May18 San Fran Sect 3 India Water Usage

India Water Usage India tank enclosure residents were using the single tank storage provided by EWB-UCB chapter on Sunday. This tank has served its purpose well and is the only potable water reserve that this area has. Its of course not enough, but the May18 trip will help solve this problem. Two additional tanks are now in place and ready to be connected. Thanks to EWB-UC Berkeley; the residents of San Francisco need, appreciate and use the infrastructure being donated. The effort now is to assist them sustain, maintain, operate and expand this network on their own.

19May18 EWB-UCB San Fran Sect 3 Education Learning Fun Games

No trip is complete if play does not follow work. The team certainly worked hard and was looking forward to the education portion of the project. This is always included with each trip that the student chapter of the UC Berkeley, EWB USA performs. First was the educational portion of the activity. This included a perennial favorite with children all over the world; coloring with crayons. Different educational images were provided showing how water should be treated, kept safe and used properly. 

09Jun18 FPP / EWB-P San Miguel Site Visit WPI18 Panama

In preparation for WPI deployment in August 2018 FPP visited the village of San Miguel located in the province of San Martin. 

Our students from WPI will be staying at the Casa Llena hostel located in the community. They will travel early in the week to the area and stay on site as long as they needed to collect data and expand their work to satisfy the deliverable products which are required at the end of the deployment. The community stands ready to assist in this effort. We look forward to August 2018 when we can start this important project. The WPI team will be on site for two months. Welcome WPI.

10-15Apr18 San Lorenzo Aquifer Pipeline ARV Progress

 The community of San Lorenzo continued with the installation of air release valve (ARV) to the water aquifer. Previously air which was trapped in the pipe had to be released manually sometimes by drilling holes into the pipe. The air release valve’s will automatically release this trapped air and allow continuous service of water. The office of the mayor of the city of PANAMA donated 16 valves for this purpose. Their location had been previously determined and the community is now installing the valves after finishing placing all bridges over low lying areas.

The installation of the first air release valve went without incident. Footprints/ EWB-P provided technical support during this process. The bridges were also loaded with water and did not sag or settle. This was originally the biggest problem that the community had. So the combination of the successful crossing of low areas with automatic release of trapped air will improve the delivery of water to the community.

28Apr18 San Lorenzo del Chagres Rural Aquifer ARV n Bridges Survey

Footprint Possibilities visited the village of San Lorenzo Victoriano on the Chagres river 28 April 2018. The purpose of the trip was to locate the air release valves (ARV) and document the construction of cable pipe bridges which have been erected by the community. Progress has been substantial since our last visi

Thanks go to the Mayors office of the city of Panama, office of community relations. They generously donated all the materials for these bridges including the air release valve. This has been a success so far and we look forward to more progress.

17Aug18 SAIWI San Lorenzo Water


Filter Start Work Panamá

The local chapter of the student Association for international water issues (SAIWI), University of Reno Nevada, started work in Panama on their new project. The project is located in the village of San Lorenzo which is on the Chagres River in the Chagres national Forest.

The students arrived with a design. The designer then was detailed in shop drawings. These drawings were created to make use of available material. The material was procured in advance and made available by Footprint Possibilities Inc. The team was able to provide funding for the purchase of this material and Footprints provided the procurement services.

The first days goals were met. The team was able to receive, finalize, cut and precut materials in order to pre-assemble the frame for the sand gradation manufacturing platform, or Jig. The community provided transportation of the material from the workshop area in Panama City to the site. The site is located approximately 90 minutes from the town center.

Next will be a deployment to the village. The villagers will receive the team, provide them with lodging and life-support. Work will start and hopefully before the team departs in two weeks we will have a community fully engaged and occupied in producing sand for the filter using the manufacturing platform or jig.