Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, if you want to ask any other questions go to the contact section, do not hesitate to write us!

1. WHO is Footprints Possibilities?

Footprint is a 501c3, private charity, headquartered in Saint Petersburg, FL, USA.

2. What is the MISSION of Footprints?

Its mission includes organizing and seeking funding for local community efforts. These range from construction to educational opportunities and events that engage the community with the environment, children, cultures, health and education. Serve as a point of contact for and local agent of US based student organizations and NGO’s wishing to work in Panama.

3.How does Footprints helps communities HELP THEMSELVES?

Via mentoring, coordinating, supervising and providing key resources, and expertise as needed to plan, execute and maintain donated works.

4. Why are self-sustaining projects SO IMPORTANT?

Stewardship is key to attracting assistance; no one donates anything of value to communities who don’t care for what they receive.

5. Where are we located?
Headquartered in Saint Petersburg, FL, USA, Footprint operates in Panama City, Panama.  

6. Why ARE WE in now Panama?
Currently on long term assignment assisting local communities, government agencies and US based charities/ NGO’s seeking work.

7. DO WE OPERATE only in Panama?
Footprint has world wide reach, but scope will change to long range assistance with planning, access to resources and expertise.

8. How DO OUR PROGRAMS works?
Communities find Footprint and lobby for assistance. If they match our criteria we put them into contact with US Based charities and NGO chapters that meet their needs.

9. How are communities chosen?
Those that have title, or right to title to their property. Those that have elected councils, or assemblies. Those that in the general Panama City metro area.  Those that need potable water resource development, or waster water treatment assistance.  Those that have other project needs, as determined feasible.  Footprint does not work outside of the greater Panama City, Panama area.

10. How many communities HAVE participated WITH Footprints?
A: Over 15 communities have worked with Footprint over the last 6 years.

11. How can you help?

 Donate your time, effort and expertise (from anywhere).  Donate money. Send a chapter, or NGO team to help.

12. What are donations USED for?​
100% of donated items go directly to the communities; Footprint self funds all administrative costs. Donations are used for the full range of community needs, from organizing, to project completion, to maintenance.

13. How can you donate?
A: PayPal accounts and links are available. OneToday programs are on your smart phone.  AmazonSmile donates for you; just select Footprint as your charity.  Or, send an email and lets talk.