Child Survival Aid Ghana - Books for Kids

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  • Project Description: Footprint along with Child Survival Aid Ghana assist children in rural areas achieve their full potential with support they need for education. We will deliver 6,000 books to 1,500 elementary students in Ghana.  

  • The books are READY TO SHIP; We have two suppliers in the USA  who can will fill a container.  In fact, when we raise $1000 they will market our program on their web site!!!  We need only the shipping charges after that and kids can read to their hearts content!  Please help today.

  • Fundraising Goal:  $28,400.00
  • Dates of Campaign: 09Sep19-27Sep19

Did you Know...


Educating a girl means changing the world — not just her world, but the world she lives in. education is the key to unlocking access to economic opportunity and other life-giving resources for millions around the world. Educated girls grow into women who are empowered to care for themselves, their families, and their communities. When you invest a girl, the dividends are immeasurable.

“Educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman (girl), you educate a nation.” – By Fafali Myonator  


Discover some of Our Communities

24May19 SAIWI San Lorenzo SSF Storage Filter Build


SAIWI chapter, Univ Nevada Reno, was   constructing the sand filter at San Lorenzo, Chagres, Panama. More than half of the filter has been completed. This will be one of the only functining sand filters in Panama.  Materials look adequate and sufficient to complete the filter before the team departs for the US.

06Jun19 FPP San Franc Sect 3 Drinking Water Panama


UC Berkeley and FPP will work together for a remote implementation plan. Typically the students would travel to Panama, but remote implementation is possible when the scope of work is limited and defined. In these cases if is both economical and cost effective to develop a plan and implement this without a full deployment. Footprint Possibilities Inc is happy to provide this service and it is part of our business model for sustainable program development, follow up, operations and maintenance.

30Jun19 FPP GBP Embera Puru Drinking Water Project Global Brigades Panama


Footprint visited the Embera Puru village in preparation for Michigan Technological University (MTU) visit, which is planned for August 2019. The University will finalize collection of site data and review conditions. A conceptual design is planned for water collection, transmission, treatment and distribution. 

10-15Apr18 San Lorenzo Aquifer Pipeline Cable Bridge and Air Release Valve Installation


 The community of San Lorenzo continued with the installation of air release valve (ARV) to the water aquifer. Previously air which was trapped in the pipe had to be released manually sometimes by drilling holes into the pipe. The air release valve’s will automatically release this trapped air and allow continuous service of water. The office of the mayor of the city of PANAMA donated 16 valves for this purpose. Their location had been previously determined and the community is now installing the valves after finishing placing all bridges over low lying areas.

The installation of the first air release valve went without incident. Footprints/ EWB-P provided technical support during this process. The bridges were also loaded with water and did not sag or settle. This was originally the biggest problem that the community had. So the combination of the successful crossing of low areas with automatic release of trapped air will improve the delivery of water to the community.