SLA Second Language Aquisition

Teaching English to Remote Peoples


Project Description:  According to Spain Exchange, 93 % of the Panamanian populace uses Spanish, including its 11,500 Kuna. But, those who want to establish connectivity via the Web, penetrate the internet, or market themselves via social media for assistance, need to learn English. Second language acquisition brings native English speakers to the Kuna of Panama and via immersion teaches English as a second language.

Fund Raising Goal:  $1800

Dates of Campaign: 25Sep18-25Mar19 

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This project will make lasting impacts on a community now isolated by lack of langualge skills...the internet is written mainly in English...know the language, know your way around the web...opens a whole new world...please help.


Discover some of Our Communities

04Nov18 ISP FPP PANAMUN XXVI Conference Presentation

 The 26th annual PANAMUN Conference was held by the international school of Panama (ISP) in Panama City. It was an honor to be invited to speak to the gathered students regarding Footprint’s 13 year record of work. There is nothing easy about charity. In charity we like to say; ‘A Thank You is your profit and appreciation is equity.’ 

24Oct18 San Franc Sect 3 India Community Action


he residents of Srct three in India area came together after 5 long weeks of no water to have a meeting and kick off a new phase in their community organization effort. For several different reasons, one being a death in the area organizers immediate family, this area has not been able to refill his water tanks. But that has now come to an end and a successful meeting was held. A total of 26 families have come togethe

03Oct18 WPI IQP18 Sam MIGUEL Final Presentation

The final presentation for the San MIGUEL water project was provided to key stakeholders and to the WPI PANAMA alumni Association. The students were pleased to provide the final results of their five week effort.

Overall the project was a success. Although there remains a significant amount of work to be completed by the community, the main goal of the project was achieved.

10-15Apr18 San Lorenzo Aquifer Pipeline ARV Progress

 The community of San Lorenzo continued with the installation of air release valve (ARV) to the water aquifer. Previously air which was trapped in the pipe had to be released manually sometimes by drilling holes into the pipe. The air release valve’s will automatically release this trapped air and allow continuous service of water. The office of the mayor of the city of PANAMA donated 16 valves for this purpose. Their location had been previously determined and the community is now installing the valves after finishing placing all bridges over low lying areas.

The installation of the first air release valve went without incident. Footprints/ EWB-P provided technical support during this process. The bridges were also loaded with water and did not sag or settle. This was originally the biggest problem that the community had. So the combination of the successful crossing of low areas with automatic release of trapped air will improve the delivery of water to the community.