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  • Project Description: Footprint along with its benefactors, chooses projects that are viable and that impact the most people at the lowest cost!

  • Project Implementation: Partnering between the community of need, US and local entities Footprint assembles, supervises and mentors the effort from start, to finish.
  • Maintain and Sustain: Beyond completion, Footprint assures that investments are not abused, misused, or disused.  What we give we intend to be used, as designed, for the life of the program.

  • Fundraising Goal:   Varies and a budget is established for each.  Contact us for a prospective on any item of interest.  The project scopes are achievable, sustainable and maintained for the life cycles of the designs. 
  • Help Up: We try to help communities help themselves and insist, get and require internal investments (time, money, effort).   

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DYK - Did Your Know

You can follow your gift (time, money, resources) on this site and facebook.  We maintain a constant flow of information on what we do.  when you give we show that off in short, quick, videos.  

GIVE TODAY and watch that seed grow, as we prepare, enrich and tend to that gift and document its upward growth to better living, improved health and progress in the lives of those that need our help.  THANKS!

Discover some of Our Communities

09Nov19 Drinking Water Storage and Distibution Systems - [CLICK ON IMAGE]



 We will provide shared water storage to low-income areas of Panama City. These 8000 liter tanks will give them the ability to safely store large amounts of clean drinking water. Weekly they are filled by the local water authority by truck. Rates of diarrhea are reduced from half of children in these communities to zero with the introduction of proper mass storage. 

Then build fountains in the community to connect to donated water tanks. The tanks connect with the pipe. Fountains are missing and will provide water to those who live away from the main road and don't get reliable supplies. 

The project is a complete system; water tank, distribution pipe, water fountains and service to each home.  You can help today.  

15Oct19 African Library Project - Delivery of Used Books - [CLICK ON IMAGE]

Books for Africa Reading Campaign


The African library project provided a shipment of 2000 books to CSAG. Mr. Emmanuel was very grateful receiving this gift. THE African library project was one of many organizations contacted during the recent campaign to raise awareness and funding forthis important charity. Footprint was pleased that this shipment was donated.

Books for Africa has also committed it’s help in shipping pallet of books from the United States. The books are donated and there are no customs fees. Shipping is being provided at cost; $515 will send 1100 books. So far we have raised enough to send anadditional 2200 books which will be departing soon.

You can still visit the Global Giving site and provide a donation. It doesn’t have to be a pallet. 50 Cent will buy one book. At the cost of one cappuccino and you can send 10. . Act up! Give in! Help now. Thanks.

10Jan20 ABP COLUMBIA Univ NYC Teaming Announcement - [CLICK ON IMAGE]


Footprint is pleased to announce the teaming arrangement between Panama and Columbia University, New York City. The student chapter of the alternative break program ABP have reached an agreement to cooperate with Footprints in its program in Panama. This is a great announcement for the charity and for the communities of need that we service. We welcome the ABP students and look forward to years of successful program and project execution.

The students have selected to return to San Lorenzo del Chagres to help build out the drinking water distribution system and explore a new mountain aquifer. The current distribution network does not reach all users especially the village school. A second mountain source of water was identified previously but needs to be exploited. The students will look at a design for a spring box and collection pond at this location. Both of these projects will help expand the supply and distribution of water to the community.

We look forward to their visit in March 2020. In the meantime we will be fundraising and communicating with the community. Lots to do. But a hearty welcome to the students. We look forward to a great relationship.

06Dec19 Drinking Water Testing Program - [CLICK ON IMAGE]


Footprint completed the remote implementation project for UC Berkeley chapter of engineers without Borders with water testing activities. Eight tests were made for coliform contamination, four in Pollo and four in the India area. Each of the homes was recorded by GPS and where possible were part of the census effort.

First, Old habits die hard. Despite near continuous supply of coordinated, pressurized municipal water, users continue to hoard and store water. Storage remains outdoors and is usually not covered. Uncovered containers are less expensive to purchase and are therefore more common. Most of this storage is for bathing and washing purposes. The community has now switched over to pressurized water for potable use. But TESTING of stored water was conducted mostly as a educational effort. The community will be shown that this type of storage can have contamination.

Of the 8 homes tested 6 had no contamination, 2 had acceptable or very low levels of colonies (1-3), but 1 home had 74 coliform colonies. The sampling area was extensive. 4 homes in each of Pollo and India were sampled. The sampling range was across the entire project site. It’s felt that seven of eight samples taken with no or low levels of contamination is a measure of success for the project and a positive outcome.

These results will be provided to the University. Many thanks go to engineers without Borders USA. Also their student chapter at UC Berkeley and the community volunteers who helped make this remote implementation project a success.